West Chester, PA – Monday, October 25th, 2021 – Altus Spine, a leader in the development and innovation of medical devices used in spinal correction surgery, announces Foundation Level Sponsorship of the Spine IEP Fellows & Young Surgeons’ Course. The program is taking place in San Diego, California November 19th-21st.

The three-day program is designed to educate spine fellows and young surgeons on current topics relating to the practice of spine and neurosurgery.

This sponsorship exhibits Altus Spine’s commitment to supporting educational programs imperative for spine fellows and young surgeons.

“Spine IEP Fellows & Young Surgeons’ Course is a highly interactive educational program specifically designed to inform the attendees of trending topics in spine surgery and help in their transition to practicing surgeons”, said Michael Fitzgerald, President and CEO. “Altus Spine is thrilled to be one of the lead sponsors of this distinguished program and also support an educational cadaveric lab with our esteemed faculty.” said Mr. Fitzgerald. Altus is honored to announce Dr. Barrett Woods, Associate Professor, Spinal Surgery, Department of Orthopaedics, Thomas Jefferson University, Rothman Institute and Dr. Victor Hsu, Chief of Orthopaedic Spine, Spinal Surgery, Abington Memorial Hospital, Rothman Institute as faculty for the lab. For more information, contact us at info@altus-spine.com

Altus Spine

Based in West Chester, PA, Altus Spine is dedicated to creating the next generation of medical devices. Altus strives to improve patient care by designing and manufacturing products to meet the highest standards in an ever changing and evolving field. Implemented and used by over 100 hospitals across the United States, Altus is among the fastest growing spinal implant companies in the world. For additional information, or to inquire about distribution opportunities, please contact us at info@altus-spine.com.

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