Suzuka PEEK IBF System

Surgical Technique Guide

Product Overview

Simple and complete – a one-tray layout with a range of implants reduces operating room logistics while providing the surgeon with options for the patient. The Altus Suzuka IBF System is a simple, yet comprehensive, intervertebral body fusion spacer system. The implants are precision machined from PEEK Optima LT1 offering excellent stability in a spacer with a modulus of elasticity similar to that of cortical bone.


Broad Implant Offering to Match Patient Needs

2 footprints available:

14mm wide X  12.5mm deep
17mm wide X  13.5mm deep

  • 5mm to 11mm heights in 1mm increments
  • 0° parallel and 5° lordotic available

Contoured, Low Profile Construct

  • Back angled teeth provide resistance to migration
  • Beveled lead-in surfaces for easier insertion
  • Large graft windows

Simplified Instrument Set

  • Easy-to-attach Inserter also doubles as Impactor
  • Full range of Trials for proper sizing of implant height
  • Full range of aggressive Rasps for disc prep
  • Entire set in one sterilization tray