Silverstone PEEK IBF System

Surgical Technique Guide

Product Overview: TLIF

Product Overview: PLIF

The Altus Spine Silverstone IBF System features state-of-the-art, self-distracting PEEK implants to support both PLIF and TLIF approaches.


Advanced, Self-Distracting Implant for Multiple Approaches

  • Tapered, self-distracting bullet nose for easier placement
  • Dual convexity anatomical endplate interface to improve implant fit and stability
  • Aggressive, back-angled teeth reduce potential for migration
  • Large tantalum markers to aid in proper implant positioning
  • Supports both PLIF and TLIF surgical approaches

Simplified Instrument System

  • Streamlined Inserter that supports both open and MIS procedures
  • Secure inserter attachment to provide superior implant control during placement
  • Shaver-Distractors and Footprint Trials available for all implants

Broad Implant Offering to Match Patients Needs

  • 5 footprints available
  • TLIF: 5° and 8° anatomic lordosis
  • PLIF: 7° anatomic lordosis
  • Available heights: 6mm to 16mm in 1mm increments