Monaco Pedicle Screw System

Product Overview

The Altus Spine Monaco Pedicle Screw System combines performance enhancing features all-in-one low profile design. The Cobalt Chrome screw head combined with the back-angled Locking Cap thread nearly eliminates splay. The friction fit allows for positioning of the screw head but the head will maintain its set position for easy rod implantation. The bone screw thread combines a dual core diameter and cortical/cancellous thread design to optimize bone screw purchase.

The Monaco Pedicle Screw System is designed to maximize locking power of the screw and rod construct.


Low Profile Construct & Insertion Devices

  • Allows up to 50° of angulation
  • Small outer diameter optimal for bone graft placement
  • Accepts Ø5.5mm & Ø6.0mm rods
  • Friction fit of screw head eliminates fiddle factor
  • Screw inserter is low profile and provides a rigid connection to the screw
  • Bone thread design enhances bone screw thread purchase

Streamlined Set Configuration

  • Standard degenerative procedure set comes in two trays
  • Tray includes
    • Pedicle preparation instrumentation
    • Screw and Locking Cap inserters
    • Rod inserters
    • 3 reduction options
    • Final tightening counter torque
    • Torque Limiting Handles
    • Compressor/Distractor

Product Offering

  • Pedicle screw are available in solid and cannulated configurations
  • Screw diameters range from Ø4.5mm to Ø9.5mm and are available in lengths from 30mm-120mm in 5mm-10mm increments (length and diameter dependend)
  • Pre-lordosed rods available from 30-120mm in 5mm increments. Long, straight rods up to 435mm in 10mm increments are also available.
  • Rods available in Titanium Alloy and Cobalt Chrome
  • Telescoping, curved cross connectors are available in 4 sizes, spanning lengths from 30mm-76mm