Interlagos Retractor System

Surgical Technique Guide

Product Overview

The Altus Spine Interlagos Sprint Retractor System is a pedicle based lumbar access system, designed to support MIS TLIF surgeries. Working in conjunction with the Valencia MIS Pedicle Screw System, Interlagos Sprint provides full adjustment control, making it highly versatile for MIS fusion procedures.


Patient-mounted Retraction

  • Self-tapping pedicle anchors provide patient mounting and stability
  • Anchors quickly change out over guide wires for easy placement of pedicle screws
  • Optional attachment to a Table Mount Arm

Main Cranial-Caudal Retractor provides primary access to the disc

  • 24mm wide Reversible Cranial-Caudal Blades provide retraction and distraction
  • 30mm of ratcheted translation and up to 30 degrees of angulation
  • Available in lengths from 50mm to 100mm

Secondary Medial Retraction completes access pathway

  • 22mm and 25mm Medial Retraction blades featuring an additional 10mm of telescoping length
  • Medial blades adjustably toe up to 25 degrees to provide customizable retraction
  • Available in 40mm through 90mm lengths

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