Interlagos Retractor System

Surgical Technique Guide

Product Overview

The Altus Spine Interlagos Retractor System is a pedicle based, patient mounted, posterior lumbar access system designed to support MIS TLIF procedures. Patient-mounted blades with pedicle anchors that allow for intraoperative distraction and compression. With the unique toe and telescoping capability of the medial blade, Interlagos provides a highly versatile access solution for 1- and 2-level procedures.


Patient-mounted Retraction

  • Self-tapping pedicle anchors provide patient mounting and stability
  • Anchors quickly change out over guide wires for easy placement of pedicle screws
  • Optional attachment to a Table Mount Arm

Main Cranial-Caudal Retractor provides primary access to the disc

  • 24mm wide Reversible Cranial-Caudal Blades provide retraction and distraction
  • 30mm of ratcheted translation and up to 30 degrees of angulation
  • Available in lengths from 50mm to 100mm

Secondary Medial Retraction completes access pathway

  • 22mm and 25mm Medial Retraction blades featuring an additional 10mm of telescoping length
  • Medial blades adjustably toe up to 25 degrees to provide customizable retraction
  • Available in 40mm through 90mm lengths

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