Brickyard ALIF System

Product Overview

The Altus Spine Brickyard ALIF System is designed as a simple, yet complete, anterior lumbar IBF system. Its aggressive teeth prevent implant migration and maintains optimal placement. Implants are available in precision machined PEEK and titanium that incorporates proprietary surface texturing intended to promote bone growth.


Advanced Implants with uncompromised graft volume

  • Tapered, self-distracting leading edge for easier placement
  • Radiographic markers in PEEK implants to aid in proper implant placement
  • Proprietary Surface Treatment Technology in Titanium implants
  • Aggressive, angled teeth to resist implant migration

Broad Implant offering to match patient needs

  • Three footprints: 32x24mm; 38x27mm; and, 42x30mm
  • Heights from 9mm – 19mm
  • Lordotic angles up to 25°