A surgical procedure to treat spinal stenosis is called laminectomy. The doctor removes the portion of the vertebrae called the lamina so the pressure on the nerves is relieved.


A surgical procedure to remove a herniated or damaged portion of a disc in your spine. The purpose of discectomy is to relieve symptoms caused by the pressure that a herniated disc places on spinal nerves.


A surgical procedure to repair vertebral compression fractures. A balloon-like device is used to create space in the fractured vertebrae, and then a cement-like material is injected into the space.


Spinal fusion is used to treat pain caused by misalignment or instability of the vertebrae. In some cases a piece of bone is placed between the two vertebrae so that the bone grows together and fuses that part of the spine. The bone may come from an area on your hip or a donor bone.


In some cases metal plates, rods and screws are used to keep the bones together and improve the chance that the bones will fuse together.