The Monaco Pedicle Screw System provides the market with a low profile screw head, manufactured from Cobalt Chrome, that accommodates Ø5.5 & Ø6.0mm Cobalt Chrome and Titanium Alloy Rods. The unique design of the thread yields minimal to no wear debris during rod reduction and final tightening. The screw head and Locking Cap thread design deters splay along with the Cobalt Chrome material stiffness. This combination has proven that Monaco splays less than other similar and larger screw heads currently on the market. The bone screw thread design combines a single to dual lead thread design with a dual core diameter optimizing thread purchase with superior thread purchase. Straight and curved Cross Links are also available in range of sizes and can be easily assembled via a top-down technique. The implants are paired with a streamlined set of instruments designed to provide intra-operative flexibility. Click here to learn more!